An engineer by education, designer by choice.

Driven to create simple and meaningful connections with users through easy-to-use and memorable interfaces which look beautiful and communicate better; to make tasks enjoyable & simpler.

I’m a UK based analyst, user interface & experience designer and I have been working alongside multi-disciplinary teams in creating usable interfaces since 2004.


Expertise in improving performance and profitability of diverse organizations’ in business & technical analysis, user-centred design practices and UI/UX. I can offer over 13 years of work experience (12+ in digital, mobile & web) in a UI/UX processes, analysis & digital designs.


Currently I am Freelance UI/UX and Analyst consultant, I offer an ability to do provide best-fit digital solutions through collaboration and creative research & analysis. I have proven record of assisting clients from various industries in executing impactful ideas that help grow their business. Being keen in being a master in what I do, I challenge & experiment with different User-Centric approaches.


I designed & built my first website when I was in high school. I have been working with awesome people; designing & implementing ideas [small & big] from past 12 years. I’ve always been keen & curious to learn new concepts and experiences to hone my understanding of everyone and everything around me.


When I am not behind my desk, I pursue a great passion of mine that I thoroughly enjoy, travelling. I get to take short breaks from work [if lucky, long] to travel and explore reading my psychology books.