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Using design thinking to solve hard problems in businesses – primarily in Business Analysis, User Interfacing & User Experiences. Driven to create simple and meaningful connections with users through easy-to-use and memorable interfaces which look beautiful and communicate better; to make tasks enjoyable & simpler.
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Case Study

A challenging project for Golfers and tour providers. Basic challenge was to define and balance the conflicting desires of each user group. Golfers wanted to have the flexibility to book their tea-times and control their holiday schedule.

Process Followed

User Interviews, Profiling, Personas, Wireframes, Prototype, Visual Design

My Role

Research, IA, UI/UX, Visual Design


Goftripz Team & Me

The challenge was to design and improve booking process that will help golfers schedule & manage their tours/holidays. Project gave interesting user insights & chance to improve the old.

Research & Plan

After talking to Golfers and tour provider, we found that the basic challenge was to define and balance the conflicting desires of each user group. Golfers wanted to have the flexibility to book their tea-times and control their holiday schedule. With user research, we found that it they wanted to flexible1 & effective login portal, they wanted instant enquiry and booking features.


On the other hand, stakeholders & tour providers wanted to maintain control over the tour & holiday booking as they wanted quality2 bookings with intricate details for them to keep the quality of service. This would mean golfers to fill in long forms and questionnaires with details, which would increase booking time.


Working with stakeholders & golfers, we tried to find the best way to achieve what both the group of users wanted.

Concept & Design

After brainstorming, research, user profiling and discussions with stakeholders. We came up with few ways for better content quality3 & management for users and lead generation for stakeholders.

User control vs Content pushing

As a first step, we divided the universal search into a 4-individual section searches to filter content for golfers, but not restrict golfers from exploring other sections. We later provided the user with simple filters to further narrow down search in the respective sections

Guest booking and Schedule Control

Golfers wanted to see the costing & book free tea-time golf slots directly without any hassles. We created a time-sheet for the golfers to book their preferred slot timings along with a provision to book equipment for the slots.


We also developed a feature to let golfers have total control over their holiday schedule and golf tour bookings, so that easier for them to modify in case of changes in schedule. Also, a dedicated account for them to view notifications & tips for their bookings by stakeholders.

Execution & Take away

We tried to address the issues faced by the stakeholders and golfers using the old habituated system of enquiry & book. We therefore tried to reset few notions of both teams to create a simple and working system which saves time & effort.


Although there were areas where we could have improved, the created experience and interface was an improvement over the current workflow.


Collaboration & understanding perspectives. Most of the time expectations and perspectives are considered as conflict of interest. Both sides can get a balanced experience with collaboration and few right compromises.


Understanding users’ problems. Often, reducing the discomfort in the workflow makes users share their true motivations & pain points in the system. Learning from good research, observation, and constant interaction with stakeholders has helped improve the system to solve few basic problems faced by user.

1 – This is important to golfers as their holiday plans change & scheduled booking needs to adopt to the changes done by them.

2 – Usually this means quality lead generation & enquiries for the services provided

3- Showing current facts & best deals for golfers, as stakeholders have a reputation for quality & service.