IoT App for Service

Application to Track & Provide service faster. Service Task Management using IoT devices.

A simple iPad app to enable Service personnel keep track of complaints and their task. Application designed to be used for Android version later. Goal and challenge was to make it simple and fun to finish tasks.

Creating Building Blocks. Complex interaction broken into small apps.

Being a part of group of 10 apps we first established the core: functionality, the layout, iconography, color sheet and environment for the apps.



This particular application achieved it’s primary goal of looking simple along with performing great deal of backend tasks like bluetooth communication, multi-interface interaction, live GIS tracking and remote control of the IoT device.


Thanks to great collaborative and focused team this application along with others have been successfully implemented.

User Flow diagram

Super Repair Workflow
Hi-Fed Wireframe which helped in rapid prototyping & testing the app faster.
Lessons learnt

Don’t just think agile. Be agile, work faster, collaborate with teams earlier, learn & adopt faster. Agility is the key.

Don’t Stop

Never stop iterating designs, workflows and code. Keep things updated and secure in IoT & digital interactions.

Modular at Mind

Everything is a simple task. Thinking modular helps in creating a system but also in creating teams that are happy & contribute; better.


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