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Product design.
User Interaction.
User experience.

Helping create great and happy digital products

“I strive to create simple and meaningful connections with users through easy-to-use and memorable interfaces that look beautiful and communicate better; to make tasks enjoyable & simpler.”

A bit about my process

Good communication, sound principles and flexibility are what good and successful projects are made of. I believe every experience counts including the team or people that I work with.

My personal process: At the start of any new project, take time to get on the same page and agree on / understand few things – what is needed from the business and how it is relevant to the users. Sometimes when projects are kicked-off to drive a business need without user intervention or need, I put my mentor hat to let stakeholders know the importance of user-centred approaches and benefits of listening to users of the system.

When it purely comes to designing an minimal good experience, I suggest the following 4 stages to be implemented for every project (if possible for evey business function).

Understand & define

Know your users
Understand user pain-points
Discover opportunities

Well defined requirements
Clear user persona
Ability to define use cases


Understand guidelines & UX trends
Analyse competition
Research user needs, motivations & emotions

Competition analysis
Emotion/empathy maps
Likely approaches & design solutions

Sketch, test & prototype

Wireframing & prototyping solutions
Test hypothesis & user behaviour
Design images & solution

Testable prototype for evaluation
Better user understanding
Solution validation

Implement & evaluate

Implement functionality
Build experience
User test refined solutions

Identified improvements
Know what works
Tasks for next iteration

Design & me

I care about the details and consider user-centric design & interaction design adoption; more precisely their affordances; to be crucial in creating usable, effective, intuitive interfaces. I like prototyping and user research – it helps me think through interaction models and new possibilities.
I love gardening and hiking. I love seeing at things from a fresh perspective and experimenting.
Let’s get few things out of our way; shall we?

Few obvious questions and answers about me and ux that everyone wonders about.

What am I really good at?

I’m a multidisciplinary designer. I can be as involved project as you need me to be; from the seed of the idea, research, sketches, creative direction, design, system design, and even WordPress build. I care deeply about creating world-class, useful, and beautiful products that help people and make a difference.

Which UX activities do I really like to do?

I care deeply about all the processes of creating a good experience. I love talking to users, shadowing, wireframing, prototyping solutions and testing with users. Also, creating experience maps and design systems, Oh! drinking coffee, too.

What differentiates me from other designers?

With my background in both design and business, I am in a great position to help your business decide on the right solutions for digital products. I’ve helped companies give awesome experiences for their users, by getting to know their audience and careful balancing attention to design, copy, and much more.

On which projects did I bring the most value?

Projects where teams and stakeholders were willing to listen to each other, experiment and most importantly listen to the users. For example, I have worked with a team for creating a interface for a energy provider, where everyone was open to ideas and iterations with users (of course with deadlines in mind), which bought the best in me and the team.

From which projects did I learn the most?

I have learned a lot from every project. They are uniquely different everytime. Projects which couldn’t see the light due to funding or market crash or stakeholder decisions dispite everyone’s passion to create good digital product; though sounds heartbreaking; taught me more than every successful project. Failure for me has been a bit better teacher than success. 

What interesting stories can I tell about the work that I did?

In the middle of a heated brainstorming session with my friends at a coffee shop, a person walks to me and says “Thanks a lot”. Baffled by the gesture and puzzled by the smile, I asked him what it was for and he said: “your suggestions freed 2 hours of my time every day, helped my team greatly”. He was one of the employees of the company I worked for a very brief period improving their internal applications. That’s one of those times I realized that every small design matters – more than we think it does.

  • Patrick Davis
    Sarat was recommended to us when we were looking for a website designer, and we have not been disappointed. He took our ideas and fed back recommendations, suggestions, listened to us, and worked with us to produce a design we were pleased with, and could manage ourselves. since then he has also made himself available for design amendments and advice. I would recommend his services and continue to use his skills, expertise, and professionalism to our benefit.
    Patrick Davis
    Oracle R12 HCMS EBS Consultant
  • Andy Nellis
    Sarat took our basic requirements for the e-Resolve website and created a site far beyond our expectations. He continues to support us with our website changes as our company evolves and we look forward to working with him far into the future.
    Andy Nellis
    Managing Director at Cognition24 | Specialists in Salesforce, ERP Integration and Managed Services
  • Andy Robinson
    I worked closely with Sarat at the Land Registry for almost a year, and his departure was a great loss to his teams and projects. He's one of the best and most prolific designers I've met, with a deep grasp of user-centered design and the processes necessary to achieve it. He's also a well-rounded individual who brings a broad knowledge of sociological and technical issues to the table. His humility, charm and wit make him a genuine pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend that you hire him.
    Andy Robinson
    Content design
  • Vamsi Kanagovi
    Sarat is extremely creative and is not afraid to try and experiment. Always has a plethora of ideas for execution and is ever inquisitive which helps him through his work perfectly. Having worked with him, I can confidently say he is passionate and dedicated to work.
    Vamsi Kanagovi
    Senior Business Analyst at UBS
  • Supriya Arora
    A perfectionist to the core, work is always a priority for him. He is a very talented and creative designer. When he is on a job you can be rest assured to get the very best. I am sure he is going to go a long way.
    Supriya Arora
    Product Owner at Cognizant Technology Solutions

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