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Product design.
User Interaction.
User experience.
Mobile Application

Creating new interactions for an elite community app

Long Story Short

Helping Aprender revitalize their support from their private club members using a mobile application that gives them more options to learn and explore the benefits of the community. Creating new application interactions and features.


Interaction design
User experience design
User interface design


Interaction Scheme
UX Design
UI Components


Research Analysis
Interaction Scheme

Research & User Experience



We didn’t have a PM or BA working on the project who could do full-scale research, so I took the initiative and created a quick sprint in order to learn more about the market, product, target audience and competition.

See a simplified version of the results and data I worked with (which was spread across multiple workshop pics, google sheets and documents). The experience map that we discovered in this phase is shown below.


User Experience & screen flow

Working with data collected during the research phase,I was able to set up user flows which we reviewed with the team.

I organized a workshop to create a proritization matrix to map ‘value vs effort needed’ to develop the features or new interface elements. This helped everyone on the team understand the design requirments better as well as gave defined actions for the team.

After that, I continued with the first version of wireframes.


Prototype & user testing

I used Sketch & Principle to handle design to make prototypes more understandable for the dev team and stakeholders. For testing interactions I usually uploaded the latest version of the wireframes (and later on designs) and record voice-over videos to walk through all the new changes and updates using InVision. Most of the testing was done using remote users.

The objective of the tests were to get feeback on the interface and interaction experience. We tried to evaluate task completion times along with overall expereince of the application.

We completed a few rounds of updates to ensure the wireframes included everything we needed then moved on to designing the UI.


Sign up

Though simple, user flow has been updated. It is designed so it’s easy to sign-up or sign-in with just a few clicks. Nobody wants to use more time and miss out, right? Every second counts!


The main screen features courses and activity details.

Courses are sorted by time or personal preference so users always get the most relevant content.


Updated interactions in the payments sectio of the app with addition of new payment methods and security assurance.

Place orders

To check your order and place an order for your course this is the final screen with list of details of an item. The next process lets users know the next steps depending on the type of order. Online course or reference material.

Duration calculator

We designed a “Duration calculator” to help users find out the duration of a course based on their strengths and knowledge. This helped them choose courses better and also enables the app to recommend upcoming courses based on the inputs.

Few more screens
Sign Up by Facebook
Place Order
Your Course Q1
Checkout Final
Change card
Checkout 1.1

Conclusion: The learning

It was an exciting project to work on and I’m grateful for meeting everyone in their team and working with the CEO together with my team. I personally learned a ton about the process, cooperation and the education sector along with the existence of private clubs in the market. I also learned quite a bit about myself and why I would join a community.

I think these are the major takeaways from this project that we will have the most impact on my ongoing career and creative process

Good user research matters

Though we had a good initial qualitative research done. Deep dive into creating emotion maps and experience maps helped everyone in the team associate better with users better. I believe that made the whole team come together in improving the overall experience of the project.

Open hearts to new opportunities

This project enforced my principle of “Failure to do something is an opportunity to improve”. Lucky enought that the I was able to convey this idea to the whole team. I gained experience to psychology of the user & the team, furthermore their expectations from a product like this.

Don’t downplay marketing

I feel like we could have done more regarding marketing and communication to capitalize on the full potential of our network. I thought the development and execution was done well. The project could have used a push with good user communication.

Process counts for something

Although, I believe we tried to optimize the design & development process the best we could considering the circumstances and resources. Better initial planning in terms of adopting a process could’ve saved valuable time and effort. Definite learning for next time.

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